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Can You Have Visitors At Elm Cottage When Staying On Site?

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At Elm Cottage, we know that an enjoyable holiday means spending quality time with family and friends. That means that our guests sometimes want to invite extra visitors to the accommodation. From picnics to barbecues, or simply relaxing with a few drinks, bringing friends on-site makes for an enjoyable time. The good news is that we do allow extra guests to enter the park, but there are a few rules that we’d like you to be aware of.

Before allowing guests into the park, please make sure you let us know at reception when they arrive. That way, we know who is onsite should any incidents occur. You may also have to pay some additional fees, depending on the circumstances.

Our holiday park is known for its relaxed atmosphere, and we want it to stay that way for all guests. So, we ask that your visitors do not arrive before 9:30 AM and leave the site before 10:30 PM. This is to ensure that our other guests are not disturbed by noise during times when some may be sleeping.

How Many Visitors Can I Invite?

To keep our park an enjoyable place for all, we ask that you limit guests to two adults and two children only. In some special circumstances, we may make an exception but you’ll need to agree this with us beforehand. Please make sure you inform your guests of the park rules and ensure that they always keep them in mind and that they are courteous to other guests. Should any of your guests break the rules, we reserve the right to ask them to leave.

Can my Guests Sleep Over?

Unfortunately, we can’t allow extra guests to sleep overnight under your booking. Your accommodation is for the permitted number of people as shown on your booking form only. In addition, our accommodation has a maximum number of guests for safety reasons. If you would like guests to stay overnight and this will be within the safety limits, you will need to agree this with us and pay for it in advance of your stay.

Where can my Guests Park?

Driving in the park is restricted, and there are designated parking spaces near your accommodation for your use. If you have guests visiting the park, they must ensure they park in allocated visitor parking at your accommodation, or your own allocated parking space if this is free.

Inviting additional guests at Elm Tree Cottage is a great way to share some memorable moments with family and friends, and we delight in welcoming additional people to enjoy our park and facilities. By following a few basic rules, you help to ensure that the park keeps its relaxed atmosphere and a great time can be had by everyone. We thank you for your cooperation and hope that you and any additional guests enjoy your time with us.

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